Our Story

Lowkler has been an involving idea for many years. I was but a child when I first witnessed the shift in consumer behavior from local retailers to nationals. My father, who owned a small but successful neighborhood grocery store, saw his sales dwindle year after year as grocery store chains started opening longer hours. I thought then that the only way to survive was to grown but I was wrong.

The advent of ecommerce and electronic marketplaces has truly revolutionized our way of shopping and most importantly elevated our expectations. In today’s world, variety, accessibility and ease of use are elements we have come to expect if not demand. There is no going back. While most people say they would rather support local businesses, even paying a slightly higher price, only a few have the time to make good on it. Supporting local businesses is advertised as a duty or an action made out of principle. But should it be?

This is why we are creating Lowkler. Our new marketplace will offer a convenient shopping experience powered exclusively by thriving local businesses. Until then, we need your help to spread the word; be a Lowkler.

In the fight between David and Goliath, its about time David got some help!